Al Pacino's Silly Nightmare

from by nolife



This is the nightmare
Surrounding your dreams
Nothing but fear
Without no place to hide
You can keep screaming
Nobody hears you
It’s like closed in a coffin
You can’t move

Cold corpse
Eyes sewn shut
Bloody tears
No remorse

Inhale – my knife cuts your fuckin‘ throat
Exhale – your blood spill on my hands
I can’t drawn with you anymore
‘cause I lose myself in killing

‘cause I lose my fucking self in killing

In the moment of truth
I will strike you down
‘cause under a cloud of sorrow
There is no fucking tomorrow

And I’m sorry, baby, everything is fine
I always tell the truth even when I lie
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned


from noname, released October 19, 2012




nolife Łódź, Poland

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